Becoming More Than The Label

In the vision of becoming more than the Label of Fibromyalgia I had to to make a decision.  What sort of decision?  Because in the beginning of the Healing Process just getting out of bed is a pretty big decision.  Although that was seven to eight years ago I still remember what that was like.  The pain was so overwhelming I couldn’t even move.  At times my whole body would cramp up, like Charlie Horses. The strange thing is you couldn’t tell from looking at me that anything was wrong.  All I could do was writhe in pain, on my bed, and bawl like a baby.  At that time there really was no good solution.  We finally discovered one that worked most of the time yet that is for another post.  I do not want to digress too much off of the subject.  It makes me smile.  I do that a lot.  Be patient with me.

This decision was one of the biggest decisions I ever had to make.  A decision that took me out of the Label of Fibromyalgia setting me on the Journey of Healing. Even though there is no real cure for Fibromyalgia I believed I could eventually leave my bed and live an active life.  This decision eventually changed everything about me and will continue to do so for I will be on this Journey for the rest of my life!  All of the changes I have had to make so far have been worth it. (They will be left for other posts).

My decision was to not allow myself to become Fibromyalgia.  To not allow it to take over and keep me in my bed writhing in pain for the rest of my life.  For it to become who I am and to effect all of my actions and decisions.  The decision to move forward and do something new for myself everyday.  Even if it takes all day just to get out of bed and to make that bed as well!

I had to learn to be proud of my accomplishments (not egotistical, proud) and not allow this disease to beat me!  The day I made my decision I became a Positive Decision Maker!  I am not Fibromyalgia!


4 thoughts on “Becoming More Than The Label

      • Nice Job April…..I have watched this process of healing with you and your ups and downs. Your example of hope for other people in the same desease will be very valuable.I am loroud of you….you are NOT fibromyalgia!!!!!


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  1. Thanks Friend!! I can never thank you enough for hanging in with me all of these years. You have been a big part of helping me to learn to Focus on God…Keep moving forward…stay behind the desk….so many more things that I can not list them all here. You are a priceless friend and Servent of God…You inspire me more than often!


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