With Women’s Conference for my Church coming up the end of this week. One of my worst stressors is confrontation. Whether it be passive or aggressive it doesn’t matter. So I hold it in. Sometimes I suffer in many different ways because I don’t and won’t speak up. The result is unessecary worry and fretting which causes more pain in the long run (Fibromyalgia is a stress driven disease).

What does this have to do with Women’s Conference? As part of my healing process I did an Elimination Diet and discovered that I have a horrible intolerance to grains, mainly Wheat that has been genetically altered in one way or another and Dairy Products. So this has greatly crippled my ability to go out and eat, much less go away for the weekend to a Conference where the food is prepared. So I have two choices. Stay silent and just deal with it the best I can and then later complain to all my friends that the Conference did nothing to help me out, or speak up and ask questions about ingredients as well as ask ahead of time if they have meal options. Some do, some don’t. Yet asking these questions will help me to be able to know if I need to bring my own food to supplement. I also feel it is reasonable in some instances to ask for a discount if you do not plan on eating their food at all. Again sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Asking questions and speaking up (in an appropriate manner), can help to relieve some stress and may help with my pain level.

So what about me and the Women’s Church Conference? I did ask questions; starting with the lady at my church that registered me, all the way to the lady at the Camp that was in charge of our Conference to find out what I could do not only to have my food needs met but to also be polite and appreciative of the staff and all of there hard work(It isn’t easy to cook food for that many people and try to please everyone). I also may have to ask questions of the Kitchen Staff to find out the ingredients of some of the dishes they will be serving. I did ask a Woman at my church who has suffered with Celiac Disease for over 30 years who has successfully been to Women’s Conference. She suggested to bring foods from home to fill in where the Conference food leaves off. I will follow her advice. She is a pro at this.

Seek out people to help with your particular dilemma, ask questions, Speak Up! Don’t carry around the stress that not knowing can bring. It just may help your pain! It is another way of not allowing my disease to win! Another way to live outside the Label of Fibromyalgia!


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