A FM Headache!

I woke up this morning not wanting to move.  I had arthritic pain as well as FM Pain.  I knew even before I looked out the window that it was raining and raining hard.  I was right.  Today is the first day of the season that it has raiand all day.  I still met my friend at 10am to walk and we walked our 4 miles in the rain.  The walk was good.  It is excellent to get moving.  My headache increased a hundred fold within an hour of returning home.  I took some Ibuprofen and Tylenol yet I still had to lay down for a couple hours.  The headache is gone yet I’m still not 100%.  I hate that I have to start some of these posts with negative talk on my FM.  I really hate talking about it as well yet you need the back story.

I’m constantly having to make the decision for the FM to not keep me down too long.  I have to keep moving.  Some of that is my arthritis the other part is I don’t ever want the FM to win again in my life.  Like I have said before, I will hurt if I laying down in bed as well has hurting while I am being active.  I would rather be active. The other advantage to being active is that if you get busy enough your mind forgets about the pain for awhile.  Sometimes it can be hard to concentrate like it is for me now yet I try to do my best on a daily basis.  I am certainly grateful for my Christianity and the Word of God. It keeps me grounded in my faith with a purpose in my heart to do the best I am capable of everyday.

I try to stay in the word (Bible) every day by either my own reading or a Bible Study.  It helps my attitude to be better as well as to want to keep moving forward no matter what the circumstances are. Any negative circumstances in my life teachs me life lessons and help me to become a stronger as well as a more mature person. This keeps me motivated and helps me get out of bed on mornings like today.

I’m still hoping and praying when I wake up tomorrow morning it will be an easier day.  One with less pain, more focus and SUNSHINE!

Thank you everyone for listening to my rumbling and grumbling today.  Like I said above I have hope tomorrow will be better.


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