My joints hurt! Am I now getting Arthritis Everywhere!!!

The Answer is no! Thank goodness!! Believe me I took pause for awhile thinking my Arthritis MUST be spreading. Well, I was checking out a new Fibromyalgia Group I just joined and there was a reputable article on joint pain and FM. Here is the link to the article I’m referencing. This article is amazing and I would recommend anyone experiencing joint pain and they also have FM to read it for sure! It explains that people with FM get knots of various sizes in their muscles. These knots put pressure on the connective tissue and causes the joint pain. It can be anywhere from minimal to excruciating. It also can vary from day to day. Another article I read stated that Pain radiates from the trigger points causing the muscles to tighten (which is what causes knots sometimes), and when the muscles tighten it also puts pressure on the connective tissue. Although my trigger points in my legs are dormant as far as feeling any radiating pain the muscles in my legs I am an avid stretcher and I think it does help the knots as well as the tight muscles. I also will say that the walking helps me mentally as well. I always feel better after walking. When I first started I would get a huge rush of endorphins. My body is more used to it now yet I know I will always feel better and have a clearer head. So naturally that helps me to be able to keep my positive attitude. My specialist tells me that my walking and my positive attitude has greatly helped to improve my pain level. There are other components that I believe has helped as well. It always is a combination of things. Healing is just the opposite of pain itself. Both complicated with a combination of things yet they opposites. I also must mention even though I have mentioned it before that God/my spirituality has played the most important role in my life. When I was diagnosed with FM most doctors said it was psychosomatic. They had just started doing studies on FM. In the last year that I have been seeing the specialist I have really learned so so much. So I will say God Bless you all! Thanks for following me as well as liking my blog posts. I have also learned so much more from reading your posts!


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