The Journey Doesn’t Have To Taste Bad.

Last week I shared a couple of recipes I use for flour mixtures when I am converting my favorites to Wheat Free.  In doing some research I have found that there are some other tips that will really help you out in making your recipes that you have converted taste as good as the originals.  The information I am going to share with you comes from the magazine Gluten Free put out by Fine Cooking.

Eggs are really important in GF baking.  The provide protein, moisture, and structure.  They help improve the texture and flavor of GF baked goods.  If the recipe you are converting calls for eggs, try to increase it by one egg.  The extra egg will bind the ingredients together and replace some of the support that is lost by removing the gluten.  Do Not use Egg Substitutes as it will cause problems in so GF baked goods.  The egg substitutes may give the finished product a gummy texture or be too wet in the middle.

Because GF flours are drier than All Purpose Wheat Flour, you may need to increase the milk or other liquid amount called for in the recipe slightly to keep batters from being too stiff.  GF flours can absorb quite a bit of liquid so don’t add too much liquid so do not add too much or your baked goods will come out gummy.  Expect the batter to be thicker than a wheat flour batter; yeast bread doughs  will be softer and stickier than bread made with wheat flour.

Next week I will give you some where to shoot for in making adjustments or substitutions.  This will help you so much in being able to use regular recipes for your baked goods into GF recipes.  GF means GMO Wheat Free.



2 thoughts on “The Journey Doesn’t Have To Taste Bad.

  1. Great Job April! This is really reaching people not only with FM and other chronic pain, but also those with food allergies and other food restrictions! I love to see you living out your dream! Interesting reads!


    • Thanks Tammy! This month WordPress is offering Blogging 101 and I am taking it so hopefully it will help in many
      areas. Thanks again for checking back every once in a while and thanks so much for the feedback. It does mean a lot to me!


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