More than About Me

It is important to me that you know more about who I am then what is on my About Me Page.  I am a 53 year old woman whose name is April. I have two sons.  My oldest son is in the Navy.  He just turned 32.  My youngest son is 26 He has Downsyndrome/Severe Autism.  It is hard work yet he is one of the greatest joys in my life.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about six years ago.  It was a time when most Doctors still believed it was Psychosomatic. Years have passed now and I have learned a lot about Fibromyalgia as well as myself.  One of the things I kept finding over and over was the Doctors would label me with this disease.  One of possible intolerable pain and I felt labeled.  The label is heavy and can cause depression as well as anxiety. They would tell me treating this is like a shot in the dark there is not a Silver Bullet that will cure you.  “Remember,” they would say, “There is no cure and you will likely suffer the rest of your life.”

I have worked hard at breaking free of the label and not living within that.  At times I still struggle, to be productive and have real joy in my life.  I am here at Wordpress to find a supportive community of other people who have chronic pain issues.  One of the biggest reasons is if through my words  I can help another person in anyway it makes my journey worth every knotted muscle, every tear from the intolerable pain. As I journey through this life with this disease, I want to share my journey and what I learn.  We all want to live our life in the most productive way possible.

I also wanted to let the people who are following me know that I am taking Blogging 101.  I may take this opportunity to write on other subjects I’m not sure.  I’m hoping to learn more about blogging and the blogging community.  Meet new people and connect with others who suffer from FM.  I know along the way I will learn a lot not only about FM but of other issues as well as hobbies.

Welcome to You Are Not Fibromyalgia….


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