The Silver Bullet

I remember very clearly my doctor telling me when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia that there was no Silver Bullet to KILL this Disease.  Don’t get your hopes up that we will ever be able to do anything but make your pain tolerable.  I had no idea when I walked out of his office what that REALLY meant.  There are so many things that I have had to give up.  Things I no longer can do.  Sacrifices made.  Medications tried.  Ending up, even though a small dose, having to take opioids.  A myriad of Depressions.  Days of Anger, Days of having those tough conversations with God.  Still no hope of a Silver Bullet.

You can imagine how I felt when I entered this amazing room  so ornate and dripping with Gold decorations everywhere.  On a table in a far corner of the room caught my eye as there was an attendant standing behind it.  He was dressed in red with gold decorations and a gold sash around his waist.  He motioned for me to come towards the table.  The closer I got the more I could see other than the attendant.  There was a gold box sitting on the table with a large gold key sticking out of it.  As I got even closer I saw that it had gold letters on the box.  It said “Fibromyalgia” on the box.  The attendant motioned for me to unlock the box with the key.  It was difficult to turn and I knew I would have more pain the next day because of it.  I slowly opened the box and to my astonishment sitting on a small red pillow inside of this large ornate box was a Silver Bullet!  Written on the Bullet was the words “Fibromyalgia Cure”.

I picked up the bullet and it wasn’t as heavy as I though it was.  I wasn’t really sure what this all meant.  As I turned the bullet around in my hand I saw a little divot in the back side of the bullet.  I put my finger in the divot and popped a secret compartment on the bullet open.  In that secret compartment was a capsule.  Is this the Silver Bullet Cure I have always waited for or is it something else.  I tried to question the attendant yet he would not speak to me.  I put the Capsule back into the Compartment and put the Silver Bullet in my pocket.  Now what do I do?  Do I take the chance that this is my miracle cure?  Or is it the Death of me?  I have a lot to think about before I decide to take the capsule or not take the chance?  I need help to make this choice.  What would you do?  What Advice would you give me?  Reply to my dilemma and help me figure out what to do.

(Just an FYI) The first Paragraph of this post is Non Ficton and the rest is Fiction.

I’m interested to hear what you think?  What would you do.  Please join the conversation.



8 thoughts on “The Silver Bullet

  1. Your way of writing kept me intrigued ! I wish the post was longer (sigh)
    I think she should take a chance. Isn’t it the same in magic tales? The protagonist takes a chance, goes through a mysterious looking door to find himself into a whole new world. But then finding if is this world what you always wanted or not, is what makes it an adventure.


    • Maybe someday I will write more. I wanted to bring the audience into the writing process. I really want to interact with the readers like we are. Thanks so much for your kind words about my writing as well. I appreciate the support. I haven’t written fiction since High School. Glad it kept your attention. : )


  2. Hmmmm…very interesting dilemma! I want her to just take the pill and see what happens; but then the pragmatic part of me says take the pill to a lab and have it analyzed first…then make a decision about whether or not to take the pill…

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    • That was what I was thinking as well. I think sometimes my common sense gets in the way of my romantic side. Yet who after suffering from chronic pain everyday would want to take an u known pill that may put her
      In a trance like state forever because at my age I’m not expecting prince charming to come along. :). Thanks for the input and in will write an ending after I think it trough a bit and get some more comments. So check back in a few weeks.


  3. I’m going to be the wicked step mother in this story, I think, because I have to say that based on experience, those magic bullets are too good to be true. I’d suggest caution, because there’s always some unexpected consequence to these things! *cue evil cackle* 😛


  4. She is in chronic pain. She has been searching for the magic bullet that will cure it. She finds the magic bullet with the pill inside, labelled as the cure she has been searching for. What does she have to lose? No one is offering any other remedies. She should take the pill and be cured.


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