Cruising the Blogging Neighborhood

Ever since I started my blog I have made an effort to check out the Blogs of those who like my Posts and/or Follows me.  When I decided to do this, I will be honest, I was just thinking it was the courteous thing to do.  I met a few people this way and found some Blogs to enjoy.  Then I signed up for Blogging 101.  They made a suggestion that we cruise the neighborhood.  To search out Blogs on thing we were interested in.  I began to reach out and meet some others that like me live with Chronic Pain.  I also followed some blogs for fun.  Things that I loved to do or subjects I loved.  I know there is a limitless neighborhood out there just waiting for me to explore.

I thought I would share with you a couple of Blogs that I just clicked with.  I have had conversation with these women and can relate to their struggle.  One Blog I was truly inspired by was Love My Life Anyway.  This Blogger inspired me by her  honesty about her struggles, her pain, and her joys.  Lisasretro also posts some things on her blog that will make you smile and that are just plain fun.  I look so forward to getting to know her better and hope to spend many  time curled up in our own living rooms reading each others posts and conversing about what we find there.  Here is the Link to her site.

In this particular post she explains how those of us with chronic pain issues carry guilt with us.  She is very honest and I really connected with this particular post.  It inspired me to one day write my own post on guilt.  I bet it would be very cathartic as well as inform those in the neighborhood who doesn’t suffer from FM or another Chronic Pain Issue what it is like to be us because it is not just the pain.  It effects every aspect of our lives.

Cats, Crafts and Chaos is another Blog that I just fell in love with.  Her writing is pure, honest and also creative.  This particular post was also great as it also was informative for those who do not live our lives.  For people like me who do have FM I can truly relate to every word she wrote.  I also have horrible insomnia.  There are some days I have to decide to not drive or will literally fall asleep standing up because I haven’t had any decent sleep for days.  I am on a prescription sleep aid yet some nights it just does not work.  So I really felt as though I could really relate to her dilemma. This amazing woman is also very talented.  She is so creative and makes some amazing things.  I also am a crafty person and it really seems to be good therapy for me.  It takes me away to another planet and for a bit of time and I am completely pain free for just a few minutes.  Its heaven!  Here is a link to Cats, Crafts, and Chaos:

I also plan to spend a bit of time with this Blogger as well and to be able to get to know someone else and to talk about what we can relate to.

I have really enjoyed my time cruising around the neighborhood and I am hoping you will join me and check out these two wonder bloggers and stop to get to know them a bit.   I hope to meet you on my next time cruising around.  Lets talk.  I want to know what interests you and share with you what interests me.


7 thoughts on “Cruising the Blogging Neighborhood

  1. I’ve been the same (and already follow some of these great bloggers!), it’s been such a huge step in my recovery to connect with people who know what I’m going through! The Internet is such a blessing!

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