Tuesday’s Treasures

Tuesday’s Treasures is a new Feature I’m starting.  I wanted it to be inspirational.  Poetry, Prose, Music, Videos, Testimonies.  Anything that might be uplifting and helpful on a bad day, bad week or just something to contemplate and really think about.  To think in a deeper way than just looking over it or listening to it and moving on.  Let’s dig a bit deeper and discuss what it means to us.  If you would like we can participate in a discussion about what the Post means to you.  Others please feel free to also comment on someone else’s comment, after all that is what a conversation is. I value everyone’s opinion unless it is disrespectful. so in a cheesy way I will say without further aido please enjoy the first of the Tuesday’s Treasures.


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This first poem is written by a Woman in my Church Family:

Oh to such that awaits thee

Compassion, Comfort

Embrace Thee

His love is all consuming,

Just believe and you shall receive

Everlasting unto Thee.

by Theresa Montalvo


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Have we lost the true meaning of giving?  Do we know or even understand the heart connection in giving.  Do we understand the symbolism of why we give gifts at Christmas?  This is a very good quote from David Dunn on giving.  It really made me stop and think.

If we think of our heart,

rather thank our purse,

as the reservoir ,

of our own giving,

We shall find it,

full all the time

by David Dunn


In all the hustle and bustle of Christmas it is so so easy to get overwhelmed.  Especially those of us who have chronic pain issues.  I must be truthful and say that I have really fought just giving in this Christmas.  Sometimes I get so tired of the battle.  If I were really honest I am right on the edge right now.  I still am able to see the positive in all things yet I can feel the depression trying to beat down the door.  I definitely could and can say that I feel a good cry coming on.  It definitely can be cathartic for me.  Sometimes its God’s way of moving the clouds out of the way so that I can see Him more clearly.  So that If there truly is a storm and not just one I made up in my head.  I can grab ahold of Him and ride it out.  I constantly need Him to be my guide so as to keep myself out of trouble yet there are those times that I am holding on for dear life.  When David Crowder came out with this song I loved it as it so spoke to me.  The upbeat music gives you the same energy to fight on as an anthem does.  It reminds me of who really is in charge and how he truly does care and love me through Thick and Thin.



Catch you all next week as for Tuesday’s Treasures.  Before then lets have a conversation on how you think and feel about this weeks Tuesday Treasures.  Thank you for stopping in.


9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Treasures

  1. I’d not heard Crowder before. Thank you for introducing me. Love it!

    The poem is so true. All we have to do is open our hearts and ask Jesus to come in and be ready to accept His love and grace. I messed up so badly with my own family because I was Agnostic for a lot of years. I had way too many questions that I wasn’t meant to have the answers for. I know that now, but as a younger person who thought she knew it all, or had the right to, well, I didn’t have my family in church and living our lives as we should have been. Thankfully, we went on vacation with my parents to a state park and every morning those few days I woke at 4am alone and sat outside just me and God and nature. I spent the time talking to Him like I’d never talked to Him before and actually listening to what He said to my heart. The following Sunday when we were home from vacation I got saved at church. Best thing I ever did was turning my life over to Him.

    I also like the poem by David Dunn. The world would be a much better place if everyone would stop worrying about themselves so much and help the people around them if they can when they can. I don’t necessarily mean with money because that is always in short supply. But what about the next time you see someone on the side of the road or in a parking lot with their hood up? Would it really take that much time and effort to stop and see if you can help in some way? Maybe you could jump their car off or offer to let them use your cell phone to call someone. You never know how the smallest kindness can change someone’s day.

    We were at the gas station a few weeks ago. It had rained, and there was a puddle in front of the pumps. We were waiting to get to the pump behind an older lady who was crow hopping around trying not to get her feet wet as she tried to pump her own gas. My husband opened his mouth and I told him instead of complaining (I knew that’s what he was about to do, lol) that maybe he could go and pump her gas before she fell and broke her hip. Not only would it save her some misery, but it would also help speed things along and get us out of there faster too. He did, and she left with the biggest smile on her face. She was bragging about it to the other people in the car like they weren’t there and hadn’t seen it happen. It brightened up her day, and when the older lady went in to pay for her gas, the lady on the other side of the gas pump offered to go ahead and move her car so we could pump our gas. So she was trying pay it forward just because she saw it happen. There’s no telling where that kindness went and how many people it touched before the day ended.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to take over your blog, but I do tend to talk a lot. Sure you still want a conversation? Just kidding 😉

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