Stress – mas

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I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t stressed right now.  I am incredibly stressed.  Mainly because I still have all the millions of things to do yet, I am moving slower and getting fatigued sooner because of the FM.  I have been able to check a few things off of my list yet the accomplishment is short lived.  It doesn’t take long for me to look around and realize there is still enough to do that I may not get it all done.

I woke up this morning with the muscles in my shoulders and neck knotted up.  By 9:00pm tonight I am in an episode My muscles all over my body are knotted and stiff.  Tried to do a bit of stretches and this time it just made it worse.  My hope is it will be gone tomorrow.  It has happened before.  They are not charlie horsing so there is hope.  Even if it is better than today I will take it.

To be honest I think some of the stress comes from the fact that this time of year is not the best for me.  I think there has been too many  “Things” that have happened around the holidays.  Things growing up.  There was so many distractions from family while I was growing up.  I remember getting sick more years than not. No really!  The real getting sick.  I mean running a fever or throwing up kind of sick.  The psychosomatic type of sick.  I think I really wanted our family to spend more quality time together during the holidays.  It just didn’t seem to happen. It has taken me more years than I can count to break the cycle of getting sick the week of Christmas.  The only sad thing is that I have replaced the sick part with the stressed out part.

I know that what really needs to happen is for us to simplify.  I did a bit this year and I think I will some more next year.  I think it will be a must.  I think it will take my husband and myself sitting down and deciding what we will need to cut out.

I have been listening to Christmas Music which has helped a bit to get me in the mood.  Hopefully that will continue.  I am trying to do one thing every day that is fun.  Something that really puts a smile on my face.  Also, trying to put off the things that can wait until after the holidays.  Hoping all this will work to reduce my stress.  Tomorrow I need to wrap presents and get a couple of packages ready.  Get them in the mail, hopefully Tuesday and I have a Christmas Event to go to on Monday Night.  I think a lot will be put off til Tuesday.  I started laughing.  Because this is what has been happening.  Not enough time so continued to put off til the next day.  Hoping and praying I get a lot accomplished tomorrow.  It will relieve some stress during the Christmas Season. Stress-mas




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