Tuesday’s Treasures

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This week I wanted to look for something to share that really would make me think.  To think in ways that could possibly change my life for the positive. I have a tendency to be a deep person sometimes.  Sometimes such a deep thinker that it is impossible to form words to explain what my heart/Soul is trying to say.  It confuses other people sometimes. Yet sometimes I find in this deep thought is where a life change might begin to form.  So here is some poetry and a video that I found this week that moved me in a deep thoughtful way.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!


Underneath the rubble

lies a pocket of Hope







– Jen

This poem was written by Jen, the Blog’s name is Blasé.  She has some amazing short poems.  Well worth the trip to check out her work here is the link: https://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/20773036/

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This is an amazing video short on Steve Jobs.  Stick with it until the end.  The things he has to say will move you.  Hopefully it will move you to action to act on your mission or if you do not know what your mission is for you to find it.  It certainly inspired me.



the smell is in the air

like a forgotten happiness

that I’m dying to grasp

the vision of the unknown

down an infinite winding road

touching the tainted surface

as we march towards the dark

hand in hand

This Poem is from the Blog called Words Are Deadly.  Here is the link.  There is some amazing poetry to be read here:   http://wordsaredeadly.wordpress.com/2014/12/28/change/

Sometimes change feels as though we are walking in the dark.  It is scary to walk from the light into the dark.  Like Steve Jobs said we have to trust that the dots will connect.  Those of us who have spirituality in our lives are lucky as we have a place to draw strength from.  For me I draw strength from Prayer and the Word of God.  I also find strength in sharing with those special friends the ones that you have learned you can trust and listening and pondering on what they have shared with me.  The dots sooner or later will connect and then we move on.

I thrive on growing and learning new things.  Through many trials I have come to learn not to fear change.  I try to now look at it as an adventure.  Some changes are more difficult than others.  It can be stressful.  Those of us with Chronic Pain issues try to manage the stress part of all of this. FM is stress driven so the higher the stress the more pain or fatigue that happens.  For me I may have a bit more pain while the stress is going on yet for me the greater amount of pain and fatigue comes after the stress is over with.  I have learned to pace myself better.  Also, I am in the learning process that I can choose how to respond.  I can be happy no matter what my circumstances.  That one is so enlightening for me.

Take care this week you all and I will do some more looking around the neighborhood for some more wonderful Treasures.



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