Top Ten Research Stories of 2014

I have a 25 year old son with Severe Autism as well as DownSyndrome. My son is very severely effected with Autism, I like to keep up with research in hopes I will one day see something that has the possibility to help my son. I am passing it on to you in hopes that it may help others.

All About Autism

Recently, a favorite organization of mine, Autism Speaks, posted an article that reviewed 2014’s “Top Ten” stories in autism research. pieceThese stories are so encouraging that I think it is important to share with my community as well, and to take a moment to remember that we are making progress in many ways, every day.

#10 Autism and GI Disorders: Largest-Ever Analysis Confirms Strong Link

The first meta-analysis of all peer-reviewed research on autism and gastrointestinal conditions showed that children with autism have four times the rate of GI problems as do other children. At the forefront of this research, Autism Speaks launched an unprecedented initiative funding major investigations into autism’s gut-brain connection.

 #9Autism ‘Baby Sibs’ Study Identifies Another Early Red Flag

Researchers with the Autism Speaks Baby Sibling Research Consortium used eye-tracking technology to discover that babies who begin showing decreased interest in facial expressions at 8 months…

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