Tuesday’s Treasures

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Things have been rough and very stressful the past few weeks.  I have been thinking that maybe someone has it out for me!  It has literally been one thing after another.  Not just little fires but big ones.  The kind that demand your attention right away so that you cannot do what you had intended to accomplish that day.  On these days or weeks I have to stand tall and secure so that nothing mentally or emotionally can move me. People who have a good spiritual life depend on God for the strength as he has enough for me as well as you!  I have to have hope the next day will be better.  Sometimes it isn’t, yet I feel that it is important to have hope.

I am learning in my Bible Study right now about how Love, Hope, and Faith are the most important things in our walk on this earth.  Keeping my eyes on The Lord is key.  When I take my eyes off of Him and focus only on People Places and/or Things that is when I get off track and definitely disappointed.  When I keep my eyes on God I may come out a bit scratched up yet I will be in one piece and full of peace and joy!

So here are a few sayings that I have either run into or re – run into.  That have made me stop and say ohhhh okay got it!  I remember now.

The Best is yet to come!!


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