Brain Fog!

This is an excerpt from the book; The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.

This is an amazing book and has it has helped to validate so much of what I am going through, besides the pain, with my FM as well as the Fatigue that accompanies it.  The thing I like most about this book is that it isn’t written in medical ese.  It is written in language that any of us lay people could understand.  Okay here is the excerpt from this book on Brain Fog.

People with FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) often suffer from poor short term memory and difficulty with word finding and word finding and word substitution.  Sometimes you may even have to think for a moment to remember your children’s names!  About one – third of people will also have rare brief episodes of disorientation lasting thirty seconds to two minutes.  These most often happen when taking an exit ramp while driving or making a turn in a store aisle.  It can feel frightening, but it is not dangerous and passes quickly.

Brain Fog is one of the most frustrating symptoms for some people and is often the scariest.  Many people are afraid that they are developing Alzheimer’s disease.  But this is not the case.  A simple way to differentiate between brain fog and dementia is that with brain fog you my constantly forget where you left the keys.  With Alzheimer’s disease, however you may forget to use your keys.  They are not the same, and the brain fog also routinely improves.

Just these few paragraphs really helped me to understand what was happening in my Brain.  I am afraid as my mother had senility form of Dementia and also had Aphasia from having small strokes.  When I have some of these symptoms pop up I get so worried.  This really helped me to be able to put it into perspective and to be able to realize this is part of FM not Dementia.  Hope it helps someone out there as well.

If any of you suffer from Brain Fog Please leave a comment.  I feel that the more we pull together the better!  I know each one of us has such an individualized story yet that doesn’t mean we cannot support each other.  I want to be a support for you all out there.  I also know that there are other chronic pain disorders that also suffer from Brain Fog so please feel free to post here.  You do not have to just have FM to post here.  There are labels they try to make us live within in all the Chronic Pain issues.  We are people NOT labels!  Don’t get me on my Soap Box LOL!!!

Thanks for reading my Blog I am so grateful for all of my followers and viewers alike!


4 thoughts on “Brain Fog!

  1. Thank you! I am 73 years old and have been diagnosed with Fibro since I was 58, which means I’ve had it longer. I have trouble at times with word retrieval and I HAVE worried about Alzheimers , so this post is most reassuring.

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  2. He uses the example of the keys that we were given many years ago when my dad first got dementia 🙂
    I must confess that I find the brain fog to be incredibly frustrating, with the worst aspect being things slide out my memory so fast! I can’t hold short lists in memory anymore and I forget which daughter I have told something to 😦
    But the part you have quoted about the disorientation – OMG!! I have had MRI scans and an EEG because of that!! They thought it was temporal lobe epilepsy but the neurologist put it down to “stress”. I am stunned that a third of us experience this. But you cannot believe how relieved I am that it is just FM!!!
    ((((Thank you)))) SO much for posting this because those moments of disorientation are so sudden and scary that for the first 3 years they brought on panic attacks which I gradually learned to control. Thank you xxx

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    • You are so welcome! I am with you! I am most worried and so frustrated by my brain fog as well! It definitely has worsened over the past year and a half. My short term memory is shot! I say words when i mean different words. I also am most scared by the disorientation. Im so glad it doesnt last long! Thanks for commenting! Its always nice to know we are not alone in the symptoms we share. Hope you are feeling better!

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