Tuesday’s Treasures

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I was thinking since Valentines Day just passed I would focus todays Tuesday’s Treasures on things of Love….

Sit back relax and enjoy.  Hopefully some will bring a smile to your face and maybe some not so much.  Hope you enjoy!

This is a cute poem written by Namaste the link to this poem on her blog is:  https://ajournalnotadiary.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/happy-belated-valentines-day/

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

when you’re on your way home, 

my joy has no bounds. 

you arrive at my doorstep, and

i’m graced with your intoxicating smell

embracing my eager self. 

my brown eyes gleam,

when they meet your warm ones.

our lips collide,

and the fuzziness inside of me

unknowingly makes me smile. 

i savour your cheesiness

and presence, as we meet

seldom once, sometimes twice,

a month.

on 14th february, 2015

i declare my love for you,

as do many other everyday;

i love you, pizza.  

ps : i suggest you read the “poem” once more now that you know who i’m talking about hahahahah

Here is a working link to the next Blogger who I did share some thoughts of theirs last week.  Here are some more for this week:  Journey Into Me https://claudettechevrier.wordpress.com/

“Anything worth having requires care and attention”.

“Your heart holds your true beauty”.

“You are the only one who can improve your life. Be your own Hero”.

“How many of us forget to tell the people in our lives that we care and appreciate them”?

“Many hearts get broken because we get attached too fast, only to find out later we have very little in common”.

“Instead of admiring the package, love everything that is inside”.

I sure do love Claudette’s sayings.  Some Resonate some do not.  If you have a few minutes or so go check out her Blog.  What you find there will be totally worth your while.

I really hope that your week just continues to get better and better and that you will be blessed and continue to be reminded of love.  The ones that you love and love you back.  Make sure they know how you feel.  We all have tough days, sometimes tough weeks.  We always want to say “Well you don’t understand!”  You would be surprised if you reached out and shared with those close to you how you will most likely be able to get what you are looking for.  Even if it is just a sorry I do not totally understand yet I want to.  Or just to empathize with someone’s pain may be all they need.

Hope to see you next week.



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